Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fast and Furrious Fall

Wow! I haven't had a moment to sit and write in such a long time. I probably don't have time now, but i need to. A lot has happened since my last post. We had a very nice party for Connie's 40th birthday. Lots of people showed up. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your p.o.v.) I was too busy to take any pictures. We also celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Garlic Planting Week.

We planted about 4000 cloves which should give us a nice crop to work with next year.

Our big project this last week has been getting another room finished in the house. We finally have the living room almost livable. Next week we will finish installing the fireplace and a little trim work and it will be done. Hopefully the fireplace will help us keep our heating costs down a bit. Winter is looking a bit scary on that front.

We have also been adding to our goat herd and getting everyone bred. We have three new does, Daizee, Ginger, and Darby, and a buck here on lease. We should freshen six does in the spring. That will give us lots of milk for making cheese and to share with our herd share members. We will also have 12 - 15 new kids to enjoy this summer.




May (our Dexter cow) is back from being bred. Thanks to the folks at Kristy Knoll Farm for letting us have the services of one of their Lowline Angus bulls. We should have a nice calf sometime in July.

The new chickens have started to lay. It is lots of fun to find the green and blue egg mixed in with the brown ones. Now that we are getting lots of eggs again we are hoping our customers will come back. Some people stopped coming when the chickens started to molt and our production went way down. I'll have to manage the timing on the new flock better next year.

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