Thursday, March 20, 2008


Finally had a "Spring" day. Of course we woke up with snow covering the lawn, but that's March for you. We got all the way up to 48 deg today. The sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant blue. When the light was right the hills looked like a watercolor painting in pinks, reds, and yellows as the buds started to pop on the trees. It is almost as brilliant as fall, just a bit more subtle. If I was a decent photographer I would show you a picture, but my attempts have ended up pretty far on the gray scale.

Julia and Rowan took the baby goats out to play this afternoon. They seemed to have fun.

All the kids seemed to have a really good time playing in the sun.

Names have been chosen for our goats. (I told the children that I had the final say on the names because they were to be registered. In the end, Connie and the kids made the decision and I agreed. What else could I do? I think they call it Democracy, what a terrible system!) Anyway, because it was almost St. Patrick's Day when they were born they ended up with Irish names. We probably have the only Irish French Alpines in the state. The brown one is named Patty (after the blessed Saint) and the white one is named Molly Malone (I think she figures in a drinking song about shell fish). I objected, but the names stuck. I'll file the paperwork on Monday.

Over all, the sisters are doing very well. They have taken to the bottle, and seem healthy and happy. They have been to school (Rowan wanted to take them for show-and-tell) and will be making a surprise appearance at the pre-Easter celebration with the Coyles in Columbus on Saturday. Don't know if they will grow up to be show goats, but they are little troopers.

We aren't the only ones with new members in the family. Check out these cute chicks that our friend Bruce has added to his family.

As far as what else is happening at the farm, Rowan did well at the Pine-wood Derby. Placed second in the Wolf Group and qualified for District. Julia is doing very well in 4H archery, that has replaced gymnastics for the summer. WATCH OUT! Connie is enjoying Spring Break. It will be too short, but... Me, I'm wishing the weather would cooperate and that I had about 50 more hours in the day.

Happy Easter to you all.

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