Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Number Six

The clouds are starting to pile up now, but it has been a beautiful day. We got lots done, which always makes me happy. The third succession of salad greens have been planted. We also got in a new bed of spinach, and another of beets. Interwoven into the mix were lots of Easter Egg radishes. People love them. They come up fast, which helps me keep track of where things are, and they do well at the market. The peas also got weeded, which they needed. They are really starting to run. Hope to have blossoms soon. When I checked the strawberries, I found that most of them were loaded with blossoms, and with fruit. They seemed to have weathered the cold snap without a problem. Soon we will be feasting.

The plants in the greenhouse beds are growing faster than I can keep up. I cut some mustard greens two days ago and they are already back to baby size. It is a challenge to keep them at a good size for the market. I have to get the trellis in place for the tomatoes before they get unmanageable.

Our day ended with another new addition to the farm family. Angelina, who I wasn't sure would kid this year, surprised us with a late afternoon birth. She has showed no sign of being close, and she came into heat multiple times, and I wasn't sure she was bred. Apparently she was. So much for my skills as a goat herder. She kidded on pasture without any problem. We now have another little doe kid. She is being called Ethel (not my choice, but I think we are stuck with it.)

Everyone seems healthy and happy.

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