Monday, November 10, 2008

Democracy and the Gang of 4

We have been really stretching our political muscles here at Roberts Roost these past few days. First we had a lightning campaign and the election of a Household Advisory. The day after the election our H. A. scheduled a comity meeting to plan the month. Chaos gave rise to the Household Dictator. Apparently some democratic principals breakdown in small groups. We did get the November schedule decided without too much bloodshed.

Tonight at dinner the next test of democracy came up and the Gang of Four was back in action. Our wee pony is still officially nameless. We can't decide. Normally the kids have the extra vote in naming critters here at the Roost, but horses and ponies can live for a LONG time. A name that sounded cute when you were 8 might not be one you want to live with when you are 18. So, since 4 is not enough to really let mob rule (oops I mean DEMOCRACY) shine, we are putting it out for you to vote. Please select the name you think would be best for our wee pony. Thank you for voting!
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