Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is always an emotional day for me. Too many friends and family lost in the defense of freedom. Too many people who voice their dislike of war in a way that dishonors the men and women who have sacrificed for the freedoms they now enjoy. War is a bad way to solve problems. It should be used as the very last option. But... While I often disagree with the call to war put forth by those in charge I must always honor those who put their lives in harms way in defense of their country. I, myself and every veteran and family member of a veteran I know, pray for peace every day. None of those men and women standing on the wall, defending your rights want war. So feel free to oppose war, but never forget to honor those who served and died, or survived to serve another day so that you might be free. It is a price you will never understand, and must hope and pray you never have to pay. We didn't get to choose the wars we fought or, if we were lucky, didn't have to fight, but we all stood our time on the wall of freedom, willing to lay down our lives that the fundamentals of this country could thrive in the world.

So, Say THANKS! to a vet when you get the chance.

P.S. don't forget to vote for our pony's name. Democracy is one of our greatest gifts.
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