Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soft Gray Day

Days like today I really miss the West. Today was gray. The trees were gray, the sky was gray, the grass was gray, even my hair was looking pretty gray. It wasn't the cold, crisp, stir your blood edge of winter we have had these past few days, just gray and soft in an uncomfortable way. A lot of bits bot done around the farm and the house, but nothing you could stand back and, smiling at the accomplishment, think I did THIS today.

The soft weather has given us another two weeks of grass, so the animals are happy. The greenhouse is cleaned out waiting for greens to be planted. Winter cleaning in the house happened today, so we all smell a bit like Murphy's Oil Soap. All these are good things, but there is no thrill, no edge to them. (maybe this is my midlife crisis and I'm going to run out and buy a snow board and get EXTREME!)

I did get to go to the library. Always a highlight. The new (at least to me) Orson Scott Card book 'Ender In Exile' was there, which I snatched up. I love the Ender books! So, after all the drama of the last few weeks, on this gray soft day when nothing brilliant happened I'll leave you with a quote from O.S. Card's new book that expresses where I am. "My needs are simple and few, thought Valentine. Food. Clothing. A comfortable place to sleep. And no idiots.".

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Daphne said...

I grew up in Colorado where the sun always shines. Now I live in the NE where it rains too often. I tend to get depressed in the all to often gray days. One gray day is fine, but when it happens day after day it tends to drag me down and I miss the sun. The days run together. Ack.

BTW I love Ender's Game. It is my favorite book of all time. It always make me cry when I read it. I need to read 'Ender in Exile' at some point but I have so many books waiting to be read.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

Another post that hit home. Any attempt at self-sufficiency has a fair share of: 'nothing you could stand back and, smiling at the accomplishment, think I did THIS today' kind of days. But those days are essential nonetheless.

An additional thanks for the tip that there are additional Ender books. I only read (and loved) the first two.

ilikevalentine said...

it's seasonal affective disorder season. for sure.

the reason I was excited about "Ender in Exile" is because it features teen Ender .. and I've always liked the young Ender stories best ;) and bean.

nancybond said...

It is a soft, grey day here in Nova Scotia today, but we get them frequently, surrounded by ocean as we are. I think there's something soothing about a day like this -- it's a "nesting" day, one in which you want homemade soups and freshly baked bread...ticking clocks and crackling fire. :-)

inadvertentfarmer said...

No idiots allowed...always my motto!


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