Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goats, ya got to love them... or eat them.

It had been a very long day. Lot's got done. We had just settled in for dinner, tired, hungry, enjoying each others company. C looked out the window and there were the goats, bounding up the lawn toward the potager and the back door. I dropped my fork, slipped on my boots and raced from the house to head them back to the barn. I'm sure a few interesting things were said as I ran down the steps. Probably in French. Six of the eight goats turned and hightailed it back to the barn, beating me to the gate and waiting patently for me to let them back in. The other two led me on a merry chase around the barn a few times before I cornered them and got them back where they belonged. While I did this a few of the first group came back out to join the fun. That's when I discovered that they hadn't escaped through the gap in the gate. No, they had knocked down one of the siding boards in the barn and made their own gate. (Goats will always find the weak spot. Even in places they have been for years. They are obsessed with testing.)

Here is where they broke through the wall (they pushed out the two boards under the window.) It's fixed in this picture, I didn't take the camera with me when I went chasing goats into the night.

The inside of the barn was quite a mess. Apparently several of the goats stopped to eat all the treats, grain, and rummage through everything before they came looking for me. I'll know who in the morning because they will be pretty sick from all the grain.

Looking pretty inocent after returning to their beds. You have to love them, or eat them...


Jan Steinman said...

I hope they either outlive their experience, or you have a big freezer...

A friend had such an incident, and within a couple days, had eight dead goats. Eating their fill of grain will give them bloat. You may need to decide between an expensive vet bill, or quickly setting up a mass butchery.

Good luck!

Barbee' said...

Silly goats!

tansy said...

that last picture looks like they are saying 'who us?! was the horse!'

Alan said...

Jan, you're right! Blot was the biggest worry. Fortunately it was evening, so they were already pretty full of grass and hay. I'm sure that saved them. Had one who spent the day looking pretty depressed, but no major problems.

Tansy, they always blame the cow or the horse, but this time it was only the goats who got out. None of the others could fit through the hole.


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