Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mouse Wars - Shadow, Jedi Cat in training

Scritch, Scritch, Scritch!

1:30 A.M. and something is tearing a hole in the protective barrier of Senator CC's sleeping chamber. The ancient jedi charged with guarding her, keeping the peace, and ensuring that all is right with the world, wakes, visually checking the traps set at weak points in along the barrier and then settles in for a sleepless night.

The Mouse Sith and their hoards of clone mice have pushed the alliance hard this past few months. Outposts in the barn system on the edge of the corn field nebula have fallen. The post at Greenhouse One is in serious peril, depending on old traps, and a few valiant jedi cats. The attacks on the alliance stronghold have increased. Less than a week ago the ancient jedi woke suddenly in the middle of the night to see a sith spy scampering across the bedding and disappearing into the dark bowels of the ancient fortress. Now the attack had begun in earnest. The ancient jedi slid, creakingly from his bed, and made his rounds, checking traps, shoring up defences, and hoping that help would arrive soon.

With the dawn, help arrived. Master Jaguar sauntered through the fortress gate with his new padawan learner Shadow. After greeting everyone and doing a quick patrol of the perimeter, they settled into a training session in the entry yard.

Shadow's skills are impressive. Hope has arrived.
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